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Mass Metal Finishing is Dirty Business

Perhaps our new website says it best, “we don’t play dirty, but we do like playing in the dirt.” After all, dirty parts are where we got our start in this business in 1977. Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of activity, challenges, large peaks and deep valleys. In the end, there is always something exciting happening on our floor.



Versatility is Key to Our Success

From auger, or drum washing, to barrel tumbling, shot blasting and vibratory finishing, Latem Industries is processing millions of parts every day. We also feature one of the largest commercial ultrasonic cleaning capacities in Ontario. Our ultrasonic baths are perhaps our most effective and most efficient way to clean parts that need to be handled with a little more care. Latem Industries has a complete ultrasonic department, with multiple set-ups, giving us the capacity for general cleaning, as well the ability to hit tight cleaning specifications.


We don't pigeon hole our processes, but here is how, traditionally, our services are broken down.


Parts Washing

Latem Industries uses an auger washing process to clean significant volumes of parts in a short period of time. We even have a separate unit used to specifically clean scrap, or excessively dirty parts. Auger washing is used primarily to remove oil and/or dirt.


Our ultrasonic department handles the more delicate parts, usually aluminum. It is very versatile process, allowing us to remove oil, some greases, and both white rust found on aluminum part, and that nasty red stuff found on other metals.


Vibratory Finishing

Our capacity in this department is impressive. We have enough vibratory machines to fill several tractor trailer loads. The takeaway for our customer here is not only capacity, but each machine uses a different media, allowing multiple processing options, and therefore finishes. We also use Latem compounds and rust inhibitors, which are inherent in the process.


In vibratory metal finishing, we can wash, remove corrosion, take away sharp edges, remove burrs and even polish parts to a bright shiny finish.


Barrel Tumbling

Our tumbling barrels (note the plural) are pretty aggressive. We use a variety of processes here, but the most common is a part on part technique, with a mixture of our own washing compounds and rust inhibitor.


Tumbling is a common operation for pretty much the exact same requirements in vibratory, however, barrel tumbling is more suitable for smaller, hardened metal parts.


Shot Blasting

We have tractor trailer loads of equipment in this department as well. Like vibratory finishing, each blasting unit is different from the one next to it, so again, it completely broadens our scope within this department. When it comes to metal parts, there is very little we can accomplish in this department.


Shot blasting is common for rust removal, weld zone clean up, heat treat scale removal and for improving the surface finish of a part before it is coated.


Shot Peening

Very similar to shot blasting, and in some cases, even using the same equipment, we peen to achieve a supplied specification.


Why Latem?

It’s Latem’s extraordinary assortment of finishing services, plus our variety of individual processes within each service group, that set us apart from our competitors.    


When you add to this the knowledge from forty years of service, plus multiple employees with 20 plus years, there truly is no other mass metal finishing supplier that can offer what Latem Industries delivers.


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