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The drum in your washing machine is a stainless-steel tub that spins and rotates your items, while also hitting them with high pressure water, steam, and soap. We have a few industrial-sized drum washers at Latem that are significantly larger than the washing machine you have at home. However, ultrasonic cleaning is an entirely different process that is ultimately more effective for our purposes.


Ultrasonic Washing

Ultrasonic washing provides a gentler cleaning action than that achieved with drum washing. There is no part-on-part contact because the parts are not sliding up and down a drum as your clothes do.


Instead, a cavitation process generates millions upon millions of bubbles that burst at up to 20,000 psi. The pressure of that bursting action, along with Latem's own brand of compounds, is what gets parts clean.


As you can see from that description, the washing of these parts is quite aggressive and highly effective. Also, thanks to that lack of part movement, it is ideal for more sensitive materials, such as aluminum or machined surfaces.


What Can Ultrasonic Cleaning Do?

Ultrasonic cleaning won't make you leap tall buildings, but it has gotten hundreds of our customers out of a jam, making us superheroes of a different kind.



Latem Industries relies on our ultrasonic department to wash parts caked with oil, grease, dirt, and rust. Depending on the size, weight, and geometry of a part, we can move an impressive volume of material through our system. We've cleaned parts as small as half an inch and some as long as four feet. We've seen some really ugly rust in our day, and removed some pretty thick grease.


We can process just about anything that is metallic. Over the last few years, we have expanded our operations to include cleaning resin products, some of which come with some pretty stringent cleaning specifications.



Latem Industries Set-up


Latem Industries has several tank configurations and tooling options, which makes us able to provide a premium method of cleaning. This gives us quite a bit of flexibility in setting up the most efficient ultrasonic process for a client’s parts.


Our team of engineers is heavily involved in putting together the most efficient solution for each customer. They work very closely with both our lead hand and full-time ultrasonic operators to ensure consistency and process flow. That allows us to get a job done on time and on schedule, ensuring the client receives their cleaned parts back as soon as possible.


Those parts are usually bulk-packed back into the containers as we originally received them. However, if required, we are happy to discuss any special packing needs your company may require.


Latem Industries is a mass finishing company and while we welcome small volume work, our equipment moves large volumes of parts. Therefore, any work carries minimum charges. 


For more information on how our cleaning services can benefit your business, visit our site at  Feel free to contact our Sales Manager, Dave Mattingly at 519-240--0739.

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