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Latem Industries is celebrating 40 years of mass metal finishing in 2017, which brings us well into the billions for parts that have passed through our doors. What started out with just a few vibratory bowls and some ‘washing machines’ has grown into one of Canada’s largest and most respected mass metal finishing companies.



With multiple machine configurations in shot blasting, shot peening, vibratory finishing, tumbling and parts cleaning, we continue to be a preferred supplier in the automotive, heavy equipment, agriculture, and furniture industries. Located just off HWY 401 in Cambridge, we have positioned ourselves well to serve Ontario’s core manufacturing sector.


Billions of Parts Processed


The numbers don’t lie! Saying we have processed billions of parts over the years is not an exaggeration. This means we have the experience to serve your business. We have seen just about everything on our floor, and if a new challenge does surprise us, we have the best minds in the business to tackle it.


Our Lead Hand has been in a Latem uniform for well over 30 years, and she’ll be the first one to tell you there is much more to this stuff than meets the eye. It really isn’t as easy as dumping parts into a cement mixer and letting gravity do the work. To do it right, and get it done efficiently takes planning, which is where our services come in. No one knows this industry as well as our team at Latem Industries.


Effective Processes


Our processes can be aggressive, and may need to be in order to get the job done, whether it be for shot peening, shot blasting, metal finishing, or deburring services. But for those parts that tend to be a little more sensitive, depending on the desired outcome of course, we have a selection of proven techniques considered a little less abrasive, and yet are still designed to reach very specific goals.


Regardless of your requirement, once we have your parts, our operations and production teams work in sync to determine the best and most efficient course of action and establish a proven process to move forward. Your parts are then recorded in our system, by part number and process, so that every time they show up at our door, our production team has a process flow and a checklist to follow in moving your parts through our operation.


If 40 years of mass metal finishing has taught us anything, it’s that we really don’t know everything. This is perhaps what keeps this business so interesting. We have most of the answers, but it amazes even our experts that every once in a while, there is a welcomed surprise. It forces us to stay alert, to not get complacent and to continue to push for results. After all, our customers demand results, and demand them quickly. It is Latem’s experience that will deliver.


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