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We're Making a Safer Plastisol


Plastico Industries has been dabbling in plastisol for nearly 20 years. We make it in-house and use it daily to coat, sometimes, hundreds of thousands of parts.


For those who don't know, plastisol is a polyvinyl chloride or PVC based product, made of synthetic plastic polymers. PVC's come in two basic forms, rigid or flexible, the latter of which better defines our plastisol.


A number of years back PVC's came under attack because of the chemical composition that make up the plasticizer (contains phthalates) used to make the end product. Plastico Industries felt morally obligated to its customers, their end user and of course, to our employees to switch to a phthalate free plasticizer.


The end result is a better, and safer, overall product for everyone involved.


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