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Rusty parts? Surface imperfections? Or perhaps you need to strengthen your metal? You've come to the right place. Latem Industries is your most versatile shot blasting and peening partner in Ontario.


From tumble blast units and belt blasting, to tables and monorail blasting lines, Latem Industries continuously secures its position as a market leader in the blasting and peening world. Our ability to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time with multiple processes allows us to achieve more for our customers.


Customer requirements are specific, so a great deal of preparation goes into developing our processes, as our first goal is always to improve, or at the very least, maintain the integrity of your parts.


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Shot Blasting

Is most often used to clean a part of corrosion or scale, and also to prepare a surface prior to coating. Steel shot is thrown at the parts at excessively high speeds, impregnating the surface and therefore removing unwanted foreign matter. 


Shot Peening

Is similar to shot blasting, differing slightly in the process and in the end result. While blasting relies on an abrasive process to chip away minute pieces of the product, shot peening relies more on the mechanism of plasticity. Each particle acts as a ball-peen hammer. The goal of shot peening, more often than not, is to replace tensile stress with compressive stress, therefore strengthening the part.


Whether it's blasting or peening you need, Latem Industries uses three primary sizes of steel shot to achieve it's finishes. Our S70, S230 and GS18 shots have proven to be highly effective in delivering the results our customers rely on us for.


Millions of parts pass through our blasting department on a monthly basis.