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Parts Washing



It's true that not all oils are created equal. Latem’s mass cleaning processes are part specific, designed to maximize efficiencies and tackle the incoming variances we see in dirty parts.


Our wash units have been customized to remove dirt, oils and even metal corrosion. Regardless of the cleaning process required, Latem can literally clean in the hundreds of thousands of parts per hour.


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Drum Washing

Latem has two drum wash units, one exclusively for cleaning scrap metal. This allows us to process the dirtiest of parts in a separate unit, eliminating cross contamination concerns.


Our units feature a rotating drum with an internal helix that lightly tumbles the parts, while also moving them forward through the cleaning process. Chemical agents, mixed with water are used to achieve the highest degree of cleanliness. The parts are then covered with a water soluble rust inhibitor and dried on our belt drying system, before being returned to your parts bin.


Hang Washing

Latem’s hang wash line is more than just a washer. It includes a blasting/peening component, a water soluble rust inhibiting option and a dryer. While this line was built to meet specific requirements, it is adaptable, and can be an efficient means to cover mutliple requirements without the cost of multiple machine processes.



Ultrasonic Cleaning

We operate two ultrasonic stations, one used for general cleaning purposes, and the other to achieve various cleanliness specs.


Considered a premium cleaning method, agitation inside our tanks create ultrasound waves, which work with our cleaning agents to clean your parts. Parts are placed in a basket and then lowered into a transducer, which produces the waves. The process creates ‘vacuum bubbles’ which collapse to produce up to 20,000 lbs per square inch of pressure. These tiny bubbles merely clean the surface of the product, and cause no damage whatsoever to your part. 



Ultrasonic Cleaning