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Do-it-Yourself Burr Removal


As a mass finishing job shop, it should come as no surprise that we see significant volumes of parts on a weekly basis, volumes well into the millions to be exact. Our equipment has been set up to manage those volumes, and as such, each piece carries with it a minimum charge. These minimums are required in order for us to recoup the expenses to run our equipment, regardless of the volume of parts we are processing.


When it comes to vibratory finishing, a process used for edge break, burr removal, cleaning, 'polishing' and even rust removal, a minimum charge is established based on a suggested, or provided, bin quantity. If the number of pcs/bin are not maximized, a minimum charge applies. For the vast majority of our customers, large volume manufacturers, the min charges are of no concern. We do however, also have a number of smaller customers, who at times struggle to meet that minimum volume requirement.


Enter Solution B! While nothing would make us happier than to see your parts on a regular basis, logistics, volumes, and other factors don't necessarily make a mass finishing job shop the most efficient resource for some operations. Latem's Portavibe PTV2.5 could be the perfect answer to taking that edge off.


This 2.5 cubic foot portable vibratory unit operates on the same basic principles as our much larger machines. Parts are processed in a polyurethane lined tub, which promotes the effective transfer of vibratory energy to the working mass of media and parts. Our PTV2.5 is economical and versatile, perfectly suited to tackle smaller volume finishing challenges, all with the distinct benefit of being portable.


Our PTV2.5 operates on a 1HP, 3400RPM motor, with a unique quick-change drive system that protects the heart of the unit from processing contaminants. The heavy duty polyurethane lining on the tub is a minimum 1/2" thick, and up to 1" thick in heavy wear areas. With 2.5 cubic feet of processing space, there is ample room for various sizes of parts, along with media and cleaning compounds.


Latem Industries Portavibe PTV2.5 is ideal for a number of processing challenges, and on a variety of substrates, such as steels, aluminums, copper, and even some resin materials.


For more information, contact me, Dave Mattingly @ 519-240-0739



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