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Vibratory Finishing

Looking to take the edge off? If so, then look no further. Latem Industries is a pioneer in removing sharp edges and rough surfaces through vibratory processes.

In vibratory finishing, parts are processed in a bowl (or tub) along with a mass volume of ceramic, plastic or steel media. The vibratory motion of the machine causes the media to continuously rub against the part as they turn in a corkscrew movement, and work their way around the bowl or tub. This abrasion works with added compounds to remove the impurities and imperfections on the metal. There is no tumbling of parts, so the process is perhaps a little less aggressive than barrel tumbling, yet still highly effective. Vibratory finishing is an ideal solution for softer metals as parts are safe from any distortion or unnecessary stresses that can often be caused during a tumbling process.

While vibratory finishing is most often used to break an edge or to deburr, it is also an efficient process for providing a burnished finish (almost a polished look). Through proper media selection, and the right process, a massive amount of parts can be cleaned up and made shiny in a relatively short period of time.

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Burnishing a part is simply a process of enhancing the appearance. Visually speaking, 'burnishing smears the rough texture of a surface and makes it shinier.' Latem Industries uses specific media and compounds along with part on part contact to achieve this finish. More often than not, burnishing is a secondary process to either an edge break/deburr or after washing.

Common objectives through vibratory finishing include...

  • edge breaking
  • radiusing
  • burnishing
  • cleaning
  • deburring
  • descaling
  • polishing
  • material brightening