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Plastisol Dip

Plastisol is a mixture of PVC particles and additives designed to increase the plasticity, or fluidity of a part. It begins as a liquid and, with the right curing temperatures, becomes a solid ‘rubber-like’ substance once cured.

Plastico Industries is a market leader in plastisol dip coatings. With two carousel lines, and two monorail lines, we have the capacity to tackle just about any plastisol coating challenge.  Our thermal plastisol coating is ideal for a mass variety of applications, from automotive and marine, to military, agriculture and even the home markets.

We make our own plastisol in-house, therefore giving us the ability to control the process and cut back both on waste and additional distribution channels. This also gives us an advantage in manufacturing custom colors to suit the specific needs of our customers. 

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Bonding to pretty much any metal substrate when primed, plastisol is an ideal coating…

To provide impact protection and insulation

To provide a non-sliding, smooth, soft grip surface

To maximize water and corrosion resistance

To hide metal imperfections

To reduce wear and/or eliminate rattling

Plastisol Specifications


5 Shore A to 80 Shore D


.75 to 2mm

Salt Spray:

1000+ hours

Standard Colours:

black, red, white, blue, green and yellow (custom colors are available)