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The Shocking Truth

Ok, we were going for an impactful subheading here, but the truth is, shocking or not, many coatings companies claim that their topping delivers die electric protection properties. What it really comes down to, is the specific die electric requirements of each individual customer.



Where Does Plastico Industries

Fall Into This

We’ve been coating massive volumes of parts since before the turn of the century. The family has been in the metal finishing business since 1977, but our history is a story unto itself, and one we’ll leave for another time. When we envisioned Plastico Industries, we wanted to offer coatings to the market that were a little less ‘run-of-the-mill’. It was our goal to focus on products that were a little more unique, and we’re proud to offer three of them.


Aquence (Acoat - a Henkel® product), is a black paint that will bond only to an iron substrate. Acoat is an interesting choice of coatings, but one that we discuss in detail on our website.


Plastisol is a PVC based topping, available in near unlimited colors. We have not only mastered the art of this application, but also the manufacturing of it. Again, more information on plastisol can be found on our site.


Nylon for Die Electric Coating

This blog is about nylon coating, and its ability to meet die electric specifications.  We use Rilsan® nylon 11, which has been tested to provide up to 800 volts/mil thickness of protection. Additional benefits of nylon 11 include excellent corrosion, wear, chemical, water and abrasion resistance. Add to this a very low coefficient of friction, and you end up with one of the most durable powder coatings available. Oh yeah, it looks pretty darn nice as well!


Thickness Requirements

It’s important we understand how coating thickness applies to the ability to meet your needs. The thicker the coating, the more protection offered, but there are limitations in how thick we can go. In order to achieve good die electric properties with Rilsan® nylon 11, you will need a minimum of 1mil thickness. Plastico Industries offers both a nylon spray, which sees thicknesses of between 1.5 and 15mils, and a dip option, which typically range between 5 and 40mils. There are a number of other variables to be considered, such as the substrate being coated and its incoming condition.


The latter of these two (incoming condition) is yet another benefit of working with Plastico Industries. In many cases, the parts we see can go straight from your packaging to our coating line. In some situations however, further surface preparation may be required. Having Latem Industries under the same roof is an incredible benefit to customers whose parts are in need of that extra adhesion boost. Latem’s finishing services help by removing any contamination that may be found on your parts, thus helping to make your coating pinhole free.


Need to Know Information

When working to achieve die electric specifications, you need a top-of-the-line coating, with no pinholes. The inability to meet that consistency in a coating is almost certain to cause die electric failure due to electrical leakage.


Plastico Industries is a world leader in the ‘specialty’ coatings business. We have proven time and time again that we can exceed our customer’s expectations, even when it comes to removing the flow of electrical current through a part.


You might say we deliver shock value for our customers!

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