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Many will remember a 70's TV commercial promoting a detergent additive that boasted a 30% cleaning improvement in the laundry cycle by using their 'ancient Chinese secret', otherwise known as Calgon.


While Latem has no foreign secrets to our techniques, our processes, and the formulas in the majority of the compounds used, are 100% proprietary, and not open for sharing. After all, we've spent 40 years perfecting our 'art of cleaning', and we have one of the broadest range of mass parts cleaning services available in Ontario.


We have become so adept at what we do, and at doing it with rapid turnaround times, that we continue to provide our services to Ontario's top manufacturers on a daily basis. 


From auger, or drum, washing, ultrasonic cleaning, vibratory finishing and tumbling, to shot blasting, we have the capacity to process millions of parts on a daily basis, and we are almost certain to have the right cleaning method to get your parts ready for assembly.

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