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Shot Blasting vs Shot Peening vs Hand Blasting: 

Shot Blasting:

Shot blasting is the process by which tiny metal or glass shot is used to clean, restore, or prepare metal. This process is done prior to metal finishing, coating, or painting. The shot is propelled by a turbine, which accelerates the shot to the desired speed. Shot blasting is an abrasive process, which means that tiny pieces of the original product are chipped away in order to give the desired finish. Beyond the finishing aspect of shot blasting, parts of the product are also conditioned through the creation of a compressive stress layer, which makes for a more durable product.

Shot Peening:

Shot peening is a similar process to shot blasting, the main difference being that peening relies on the plasticity of the product, where as blasting relies on its abrasive properties. With peening the product is bombarded with shot, but instead of the shot being used to give an abrasive finish, it is used to pound and bend the product into the desired shape and finish. Peening removes less metal from the original product compared to blasting, and peening can also give a more pronounced finish.

Hand Blasting:

Hand blasting is similar in process to shot blasting, but instead of a turbine being used to accelerate the shot, compressed air is used. Both shot and hand blasting prepare the metal by removing a thin outer layer, revealing the metal beneath. Sand or another abrasive element is used in hand blasting to prepare the product. A chipping hammer is sometimes also used during the hand blasting process.


All three processes are used for similar activities. They very in terms of finish, and power. Some of the finishing processes that are possible are:

  • Sand removal
  • Rust removal
  • Deburring
  • Descaling
  • Decoring
  • Surface Finishing of Castings



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